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John G. Lake ministered in Spokane from 1914 until 1935. Under his ministry there were documented, 100,000 healings. United States government declared Spokane, the healthiest city in the world.

After fasting for 40 days, God directed Cal Pierce to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 he gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well.

Once the healing well had been dug, it was time to fill it with "fresh pure water so that all could come and drink from it". They began to train a ministry team to pray for the sick and re-opened the healing rooms at the same location, under John G. Lake's ministry, more than 70 years ago. The opening date was July 22, 1999 at 340 the Rookery Building, N. 14 Howard St., Spokane, WA.

At the opening, Cal Pierce said, "We are in absolute awe at what God has been doing. He has been confirming His word every step of the way. We covet your prayers and invite all to come to the Rookery Building to be prayed for or to intercede and be in this wonderful anointing."

Cal Pierce was led to re-establish the healing rooms in Spokane and throughout the world, including Singapore.

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