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“It is the testimony of those who are healed that goes forth and prophesies to others what Jesus will do for them“. Cal Pierce

If you wish to share your testimony of God's healing power through prayer in The Healing Rooms, Singapore, you may do so either by sending us a fax to 64667633 or by email to


  • "For more than one year, I had been suffering from arthritis in my right arm and both hands. I could hardly open my left hand. But as I was waiting my turn to be prayed for in the Healing Rooms, I was surprised that I could readily open my left hand without any pain. Praise the Lord"Lilia Alicbusan 
  • "God has healed me twice on different occasion recently, once from pain in my right shoulder, which had been causedby a sports injury, and the second time, of a pinched nerve between my shoulder blades at the base of my neck." Chris Ang


  • "Earlier this month, I had been seized with terrible pain in my lower back to the point that I was bent over like a 'C'. I had to take pain killers to manage the pain. I visited the Healing Rooms for prayer and miraculously, as the team continued to pray for me, my spinal chord began to straighten and I could walk without any pain. Praise the Lord." Annie Lee
  • "Praise the Lord, He healed me of migraine."Bessie Ng
  • "Early this year, I was struck with Tinnitus, an ear disorder resulting in a constant ringing in one's ear. My condition worsened. I became very depressed, was suicidal and eventually lost my job, which exarcebated my situation and causing me to have frequent panic attacks. I had been seeing a psychiatrist regularly. Recently, I started visiting the Healing Rooms regularly and am pleased to say that my panic attacks have reduced and I no longer need to visit a psychiatrist nor take any medication. I praise the Jesus for his continuing work of healing." Magdalene Chan
  • "Our daughter had 5 days of persistent fever, which did not abate even with medication. We brought her to the Healing Rooms and a team prayed for her. One of the team members had a Word and asked us to check her toys, particularly whether we had anything of a 'ying and yang' nature in the house. Upon checking, we discovered that a friend had given her some beads which had these symbols. We promptly disposed them and our daughter's fever started to subside. Later, we recalled that her fever started when she received those beads. We thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy." Peck Bee & LP


  • "My son, Joel, broke his tibia when he rolled off his bed on to a hard floor last Friday, 28 November. I brought him to the Healing Rooms, where I serve as a Volunteer. A team prayed for him and afterwards, his condition improved and he started to crawl. At our second appointment at KK Hospital on 2 December (one week later), the Doctor declared that the leg had almost healed - the normal recovery period woudl be six weeks. I thank God for His healing and give all Glory to Him." Freeman Yu
  • "I was healed of appendicitis without having to undergo an operatioin." Jillian
  • "When I visited the Healing Rooms, I had just received results of my blood sugar levels, which were 297 mg/dL (the normal range is 54-120.8mg/dl). After prayer, one week later, my blood sugar levels had reduced to normal at 79.2 mg/dl. It was miraculous. Thanks be to God."Soon Beng Kiat
  • "I had been suffering from severe diarrhoeao when I visited the Healing Rooms on 23 December. I could not take any food at all and was very dehydrated and weak. As the team members prayed for me, speaking James 5:14-15, and anointed me with oil, I felt a warm sensatiion through my body, believing that the Lord had touched me and healing would follow. I went home, felt hungry and proceeded to eat. I was amazed to find that I had no diarrhoea at all. He healed me within an hour! Praise the Lord." Seow Jin Chong
  • "Over a period of three weeks prior to visiting the Healing Rooms, I had encountered severe pain in my limbs and other parts of my body, causing me to have difficulty walking and carrying out my normal duties. At the same time, I suffered a bad bout of constipation. I was quite depressed when I went to the Healing Rooms to seek prayer for the nerve pains but was too embarrassed to mention the constipation. I was amazed therefore to experience total relief from all pain the next day! And I was healed from my constipation. I thank God for healing me. Jane Chin


  • "Our first visit to The Healing Rooms was marked with a clear demonstration of the Lord's love. My daughter, Clare and I had visited a Christian bookshop that afternoon, where she had picked out two books, one called "Esther" and the other "Solomon", neither of which I would allow her to buy and we bought some other book instead. That evening whilst the ministry team was praying over my daughter, who had had a persistent asthmatic cough, they told her that she would grow up to be like Esther with the wisdom of Solomon. Only the Lord could have known of what had happened ealier and I thank God for His love for my daughter, for He alone would have known the rejection she must have felt. I knew then that He would heal her of this cough and indeed, by the third week, her cough has stopped completely. I give all thanks to God." Sally Thng


  • "In December last year, I was diagnosed with fibroids in my womb. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. When I went for my next check-up in January, my doctors discovered that my fibroids had cleared up. I thank God for this miracle. I had also been having a bad throat since August 2003 and had gone to see a Chinese physician who had recommended that I have an operation. Again, after prayer, my throat has cleared up and there is now no need for an operation. Praise the Lord!" Chiang Peh Chen
  • "In December 2003, whilst on a business trip in the United States, I was admitted to hospital with severe headaches, possibly suffering from meningitis. It was discovered later that these headaches were symptomatic of haemorraging within my brain as a result of a condition called AVM, with which i was born and of which I was not aware. I was then transferred to another hospital and surgery was performed on me to remove a blot clot in my brain. At age 35, I had basically had a stroke, suffering the consequences of such an event, including some loss of vision, loss of memory, physical imbalance, and lack of hand eye co-ordination. I could not cross the street without confusion and had to be led. The doctors advised that I would eventually regain these functions but probably not more than 80% over a period of 6 to 12 months. I suppose I should be thankful that I was alive. With this prognosis, I returned to Singapore in January 2004, feeling less than well as result of these physical disabilities and feeling emotionally strained. I started going to church and was told about The Healing Rooms, which I visited for the first time on 3 February. They prayed for me and I returned home with the same heaviness with which I had become familiar. But on Saturday morning, I woke up with a start as my vision had a clarity I had not experienced these past months. Something was different! Everything was clear! No more haziness! I no longer felt as if I was in a dream world! I believed that God had healed me. I followed what I had been advised to maintain my healing and continued to visit The Healing Rooms each week. On 11 February, I went to visit my Neuoro Radiologist to ascertain when I would have to return to the States for another operation to secure the AVM in order to prevent a recurrence of haemorraging. He advised me that there should be no need to return as the need for surgery was zero. Also, my CT scans done in late February showed no traces of a clot! Since my second visit to The Healing Rooms, I had been able to swim and undertake physical activity with confidence. And I will be able to start work again in March. My recovery is miraculous and I give glory to Jesus and all thanks to God. This is only the beginning of my journey." Mien Tan
  • "My daughter, Celestial, aged 4 years, had suffered from eczema since birth, causing her to scratch herself all the time. She would have difficulty sleeping as a result of the itchiness and her discomfort was felt particularly by her parents and grandparents who had to take care of her during the night and whose sleep patterns were consequently disrupted. We brought her for prayer regularly and although we cannot pin point when it happened, we realised that recently. she'd stopped suffering at night and was able to sleep. She'd stopped scratching. We believe that she's been healed and thank God for his blessing." Freeman Yu
  • "My son, Joel, suffered brain damage at birth. As a result, his speech is impaired and is relatively immobile. Over the years, he's been through considerable therapy. However, since The Healing Rooms have been opened, I've brought him and the rest of the family for prayer. Joel enjoys coming to The Healing Rooms. Over time, I've noticed that his sense of balance had much improved, which is critical to his being able to walk on his own and towards complete recovery. I give thanks and glory to God for his wonderful works." Freeman Yu

MARCH 2004

  • "I had much pain and stiffness in my hands and legs as well as back pain. After prayers and after I had forgiven those who had hurt me, I was healed - the pain and tightness in my hands, legs and back had gone. I can now walk without any pain! To God be the Glory!" Adeline Wong
  • "In September 2003, my father fainted, with high blood pressure. He was treated by our doctor and was advised that should this recur, he should be taken to A&E immediately. On his next check-up, the doctor discovered that my father had 3 blocked vessels in his heart and advised that my father should have surgery. This news clearly frightened and shocked my father and our family. Soon after receiving this news, The Healing Rooms opened and I decided that I would take my father for prayer. He agreed and we have been going for prayer every Tuesday evening to seek the healing power of Jesus' blood through prayer. The doctor continued to press my father for surgery but my father continued to proclaim that his God would heal him. My father's condition has continued to improve - on a subsequent visit, the doctor announced that his blood pressure was very good and has stopped insisting on surgery! I give glory to God - He is good all the time." Anna d/o Saminathan
  • "When I came to seek prayers on 24 February 2004, I had a cyst in my left ovary (5.9 mm x 5.0 mm). On 29 February, when I went to see my specialist, the cyst had shrunk to 3.66 x 3.08. Today, on 17 March, 23 days after I'd been prayed for, the cyst has GONE! VANISHED! Praise the Lord - He is Good!" Ek Kian

APRIL 2004

  • "In February this year, I was shocked at the results of my annual health screening. They discovered some extraneous tissue in my breast and one of my cancer markers had reacted abnormally. 'Cancer' just lingered on my mind! I was asked to do another mamogram and ultra-sound. Pending the results, I SMSed my prayer group for prayer and my sister asked me to go The Healing Rooms. After prayer, I was able to sleep peacefully. On the day of the results, I told my husband that I was prepared for the worst but I trusted that the Lord would be with me no matter what happened. I praise and thank God that my results turned out to be fine with no sign of cancer at all. I give thanks to God and for all who had prayed for me." Doris Chua
  • "In early 2004, I had suffered a spinal injury resulting in sever back pain. On 5 March 2004, I had come to The Healing Rooms for prayer. As I was called, I found it hard to get up to walk to the Ministry Room. With the help of the prayer counsellors, I forced myself to do so but the pain was almost unbearable. I was in such great pain. But I knew that God wanted to heal me. Whilst I was being prayed for, I also learnt to release foregiveness, which I did. Afterwards, I was able to stand up and walk - I walked out of that room UNAIDED! Glory and thanks be to God, my Healer!" Nancy Seow

MAY 2004

  • "I took my elder daughter, Yann, to The Healing Rooms for prayer in April this year. Whilst she was being prayed fro, I recevied an urgent call from my husband, who was waiting downstairs with my younger daughter, En (4 yrs), had developed a very high fever, and that we should leave as soon as possible to take En home for some medicine. After Yann, the prayer ministers prayed for En, too (Yann stood in proxy for her sister). As soon as we'd finished, I rushed to En, who was visibly limp, lethargic and very hot. Our drive home took 45 mins. By the time we got home, I realised that she was more lively, cheery and her fever had gone completely. I thank God for this miraculous healing - such speed. To God be all the glory." Jane Chin
  • "I've had knee and back pains for a few years. As a result, I had not been able to walk properly, bend or stand for long periods. After the first time I came for prayer at The Healing Rooms, the pain in my knees started to subside. Today, my back and knees are totally healed. I do not experience any pains now." Cynthia Lam
  • "In April this year, a CT scan done on my head revealed that I had a clot in my head, within the right half of my pituitary gland. I was advised to have further investigation at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Before I went to the hospital, I decided to visit The Healing Rooms, where I was prayed for by the team. On 3 May, I got the scan results, which showed that there was no significant abnormality seen in the brain parenchyma. In other words, the clot had disappeared. I thank God his power of healing and love for me." Lim Soon Yong
  • "I had been down with a high fever and severe muscle ache as a result of a viral infection. I went to the Healing Rooms to be prayed for and when they did, I felt a warm sensation flow through my body. And whilst I was not able to walk without assistance before, I was able to walk straight and without help after prayer. I give praise to the Lord for his healing power." Sue Chong
  • "My son, Hugo, is an 8-month old infant living in Taiwan currently. Three weeks ago, his blood was infected with Salmonella bacteria, causing him to have persistent diarrheoa and high enteric fever. He was hospitalised. One of the leaders of the Healing Rooms stood proxy for him and after prayer, my son was healed and discharged from hospital. I believe that God healed him, proving His healing power." Tan Kae Yuen
  • "I've had sinuses for the longest time, as long as I can remember - so much so that I had gotten used to sleeping with one clear nostril only and to wake up with a blocked nose. One day, one of my church leaders gave me a blue cloth, which she had obtained from The Healing Rooms in Spokane and suggested that I should put it in my pillow case. The cloth had been prayed over by the ministry team there. I did as instructed and I woke up the next morning feeling quite different. I felt refreshed because both nostrils were clear when I awoke. I give all praise and glory to the Lord." Lynette Ong

JUNE 2004

  • "For weeks, I've been coming to The Healing Rooms for prayer with my daughter who's unborn child had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I praise God that when the baby was delivered, the baby was normal and healthy. I want to thank God for His healing touch." Ruby
  • "In early May, I felt something amiss in my head, as if something was exerting great pressure within. I decided to have it checked, went off to the doctor, who discovered that I had high blood pressure. It didn't come as a surprise to me as I had had it during pregnancy and my father had suffered from it and had subsequently died of a stroke. A week later, I had it checked again and the readings were still in the high range of 140/110. Whilst my friends were continuing to pray for me, I was scheduled to visit the Healing Rooms as an observer, which I did, although reluctantly. The next day, the Lord seemed to nudge me to have my pressure checked again. I did and miraculously, my pressure was normal. We checked it several times and the results were unchanged - normal. I praise the Lord for his goodness." Hsu Wei Fen
  • "I've been a Christian since 1993 and can testify about God's healing power as He had healed me of a cyst in my breast some years back. However, I've had this persistent wart on my heel, for which I had sought treatment. I would go to the National Skin Centre every two weeks. When I heard about The Healing Rooms, I was moved to go for prayer and after the Ministry Team had prayed for me and we had dealt with my past sins and unforgiveness in my heart, I began to notice improvements to my heel and in no time at all, the wart's completely gone. I would like to testify of God's healing power." Sabrina Chiang
  • "In April, when I joined the Healing Rooms as a Volunteer, Mr Thio asked if anyone wanted if anyone was in need of prayer that evening. i stood up as Ihad been suffering from Plantar Fascitis, a condition which results in the heal of the foot becoming extremely painful when walking. There was no reaction after prayer and the pain persisted for the next few days. Some days later, I realised that the pain had left me but I wasn't convinced of my healing until I went on a two week tour of Eastern Europe, when I could walk for two to three hours per day without pain! I thank God for this miracle healing. Lucy Pang

JULY 2004

  • "On 22 July, I felt some swelling on my right lower abdomen. As the condition got progressively worse, I went to my doctor to advise me to go for a scan at the hospital immediately. I went home, placed some anointing oil on it and asked my Church to pray for me, seeking the Lord for healing. That evening, I went to Christ Church's healing service. I returned with great peace of mind, believing that God had started to heal me. I continued to read the healing verses the next Sunday. On Monday, I realised that the pain and swelling had subsided almost completely. i give glory to God, our Healer." Violet Chua


  • "I had been suffering from rheumatic pain in my right leg since 7 Aug, which had affected my walking. On 24 Aug, I went for prayer at the Healing Rooms, during which I was asked to release any unforgiveness I had had for my husband over the years of our relationship and for my sister, who had unwittingly stirred up strains in my marriage. I chose to forgive them from the bottom of my heart and prayed for such release. Immediately, I felt the my right leg muscles were more relaxed and the tension had gone, with no pain. I'm feeling lighter in spirit, too. I give all glory and honour to God for his Word, which had really set me free!" Lim Siok Tuan
  • "My mother had been scheduled for a cataract operation by her doctor. She had complained of black dots appearing in her sight. I brought her for prayer at the Healing Rooms. After prayer, praise God that her vision in now clear, no more black dots." Yap Chwee Neo
  • "I want to thank God for delivering my 75 year old father, Govindaraju, from his smoking habit. I stood in proxy for him at the Healing Rooms. I now ask that he be delivered from his alcoholic habit as well." Thiru


  • "In early August, when I accompanied my husband for prayer at the Healing Rooms, he requested that they pray for my pregnancy, where the doctors had advised that my baby was in breech position (80%) and that in all probability, I would not be able to have a normal delivery. I brought this matter up to my cell group members, who advised me to go for prayer at the Healing Rooms, which I did. Two weeks later, on my regular check-up, the scan showed that the baby's head was in its normal position and I would be able to have a normal delivery. I give all glory and thanks to God." Timmy Yang & Naw Eh Moo
  • "I have had a cyst since September 2003 on the left side of throat, which has grown bigger over time and the doctor had advised me to have it removed. I went for prayer for this cyst as well as my other illnesses, including the numerous epileptic attacks I have suffered. i continue to seek the Lord for His healing and am pleased to say that the cyst has diminished in size quite considerably and I am convinced it will disappear soon by the grace of God." Joanne Tan
  • 'Last week, when Brothe Bey was praying for my prostate problem, he asked me to take off my shoes and straighten my legs. We found that my right leg was slightly shorter than my left. They then prayed that my legs would be of the same length. As they prayed, my right leg actually became longer till both legs are of the same length now. I praise the Lord and give thanks to Him.' Chan Kok Song


  • 'Thank you Lord Jesus for your healing power upon my osteoarthritis knees.  Afer prayer, my left knee has improved and there is less pain in my knees whenever I walk.  Praise the Lord' Katie Tan
  • 'When I was prayed by the Ministry team, they had words that I hated my mother, cousin and a friend.  I relseased forgiveness on them.  They prayed over my knee which had been numb - I had not been able to walk for 40 years.  After prayer, the numbness went off.  Whilst I was being prayed for, I felt a lump drop from my thigh - tonight I am healed.  Praise Him.'  Alice Goh Swee Lan


  • 'I came for prayer on 5 October 2004, for inflammation and swelling in the nose.  After prayer, completely healed.' Ang Sok Leng @ Siew Lan
  • 'After weekly visits to The Healing Rooms, I wanted to update on my son, Timothy's progress. He is now able to make choices. He is able to pick out his own photo from a pile of photos. He has progressed to eating more solid foods, including noodles, eggs, curry and Pringles' chips, which he likes. He does not need help to turn over now and is able to sit up with limited support. He can even stand without using a frame or knee gaiters.  His smile is delightful. I thank God for his mercy.' Lee-Loi Sok Yin


  • 'I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer as I had itchiness on my face and lump on my breast.  God healed me of the itchiness after two weeks and the lump has reduced in size - it's smaller now.  I'm going to trust God that He will heal me completely before my scheduled operation'. Joreen Ng
  • 'I had been suffering from a hyperthyroid condition since 1997. Since 2003, I had studiously asked for prayer at healing services, in my cell group and at The Healing Rooms. I went up for prayer at the healing service with Cal Pierce. Afterwards, I felt normal but as I was still under medication, I could not attribute the healing to Jesus. A few days later, I was prompted by the Lord to stop my medication, which I did.  I have not suffered any symptoms of my condition since and in December 2004, my doctor declared my condition as normal.  I had not taken any medication since June 2004.  I know that Jesus healed me and praise Him.' Lim Yan Tim 
  • 'In July 2003, my son, Marcus, was diagnosed as being autistic. A year later, I joined the Homemakers' cell at Church of Our Saviour and was encouraged to take Marcus for prayer at The Healing Rooms. One Tuesday evening during prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded us of our honeymoon in Mauritius in December 1994, during which we had attempted to climb a hill to visit a Hindu temple. When we returned to Singapore and failed subsequently to have a child, we visited a Chinese temple for help, recalling this attempted visit to the Hindu temple. We were not Christians then. In May 1995, I conceived and had a difficult pregnancy, suffering a possible miscarriage. Marcus was born in January 1996. When we informed the prayer counsellors of these events, they prayed against them and one of them had a vision of a black snake being removed from Marcus's body by Jesus. Recently, on 6 December, when Marcus attended an assessment for special needs children, the psychologist informed us that he could attend the mainstream school. We are grateful for the Lord's healing of Marcus, who is now such a changed person. We really thank God for His love.' Irene Ang


  • 'Last year, I suffered from severe backache as a result of chemotherapy for breast cancer. On one occasion, the pain got so bad that I could hardly sleep and prayed to the Lord to work a miracle, to relieve the pain. Within 15 minutes, the pain disappered completely. I want to praise the Lord for His grace.' Hannah Foune


  • 'In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after appropriate therapy, I was in remission until February 2004, when I discovered a small cyst on my scalp, which turned out to be malignant.  The cancer had actually spread to my lungs.  I was persuaded by friends to attend The Healing Rooms on Tuesday nights, although I was reluctant at first. Later, I also attended the Healing Conference held in May 2004, where I learnt about God's divine healing as well as the road blocks to healing.  I went to the Healing Rooms regularly after that but my condition worsened. When it was at its worst, I began to surrender totally to God and commanded my body to receive God's word as medicine. Day by day my faith strengthened as I diligently sought Him. I filled my mind with worship songs, sermons, teachings and books. I kept on speaking healing to my body, reading bible verses at least three times a day, meditating on God's word and repenting of all that I had done wrong and unloading my emotional baggage to the Lord.  I never gave up confessing the Word of God and I kept on believing that He would heal me. As I stopped doubting, my condition started to improve. After two recents scans, there are no more nodules in my body.  I thank God for healing me. Praise Him.' Julia Oey
  • 'I want to thank God for removing a fibroid from my womb after I received prayer at The Healing Rooms.' Lyndy Yap

MARCH 2005

  • 'Esther and I have always desired to have a family. A year into our marriage, we tried but it proved difficult as Esther had undergone two surgeries for uterine fibroids. In late 2003, she discovered more fibroids but we decided against surgery. Instead, we visited the Healing Rooms. After several months of persistent visits, her condition actually worsened. We decided to proceed with surgery for a third time in April 2004, only to discover that the previous surgeries had done extensive damage to her womb and Fallopian tubes. We were therefore asked to consider IVF, which we rejected. We returned to the Healing Rooms. One evening in June, one of the prayer counsellors had a vision that the Lord would give us a child. In November, after returning from vacation, Esther visited her gynaecologist and learnt that her womb and Fallopian tubes had been healed completely. On 22 March, we learnt that Esther was pregnant. Praise the Lord!' Adrian and Esther Toh

APRIL 2005

  • 'In December 2003, I discovered that I had colon cancer - Stage 3. I was worried that I would die as my uncle had died from colon cancer. I underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Despite finishing three courses, my cancer markers had risen a lot. An MRI scan revealed that the growth had recurred. The doctor recommended another operation but this time it would result in the removal part of my bladder, which would have required me to use an external urine bag. I was totally shocked and confused. The date of the operation was fixed for July 2004. At home, I cried to God that I could not take this anymore, asking Him to heal me. During the follow-up, my doctor and oncologist suggested that I should go through another round of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Deep down, I believed that God would heal me. I went for healing service at COOS, Tanglin Fellowship and the Healing Rooms. When you are sick and confess that you are healed by the wounds of Jesus (Is 53:5), God is great and awesome. At my next follow-up, the results of my cancer markers were normal.  Hallelujah, I am healed and believe that God delivered me completely. In Psalm 118:17, I will not die and live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. I thank and praise God for healing me. All glory to God. Amen.' Jason Chua
  • 'I came to Healing Rooms in March for prayer after my doctor confirmed that I had a lump in my stomach.  However, when I went to see my gynaecologist in late March, he diagnosed that I had a very big and swollen fibroid with two small cysts. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis. He advised an operation to remove my uterus. I went back to the Healing Rooms for prayer, where they prayed against evil spirits and cast them out. On 4 April when I visited my gynaecologist, we discovered that the cysts had gone and the fibroid had been reduced. I was also suffering less from stomach and back pains. I can also eat normally again. I want to thank God for healing me.' Anne Gan

MAY 2005

  • 'My mother-in-law received Christ at the healing service at Church of Our Saviour in September 2004. We were overjoyed. But in November, my husband, Michael came down with viral fever and whilst recuperating in his mother's house, the children also fell ill. Worse, we discovered at the same time, that our son, Caleb, had been diagnosed as being autistic. These incidents prompted my mother-in-law to consider removing the altar that was still in the house but my father-in-law, who was still a pre-believer, was resistent. Apparently, the idol had promised him a reward of money if he didn't remove it and true enough, he struck 4D some days later. Despite this setback, we started visiting the Healing Rooms regularly for Caleb and my mother-in-law would come along for prayer, too. She continued to grow in faith. Actually, my mother-in-law had had a history of ischemic strokes and had been on medication, which had caused her periodic dizziness and stomach upsets. On 15 December 2004, when she visited her physician, she discovered with joy that her condition had normalised and only needed to be treated for rheumatism.  Finally, she decided to confront my father-in-law to remove the alter, who shared that the idol had told him that it felt unwelcome in the household and would rather leave. On 20 December 2004, they finally removed the altar. God has managed to do wonderful work, both physically and spiritually, in their lives. My mother-in-law was baptised in April 2005 and my father-in-law has since accepted Christ. We praise His name.' Shirley and Michael Goh

JUNE 2005

  • “I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in January 2005. I underwent an operation in Feb and have undergone several rounds of chemotherapy. By God's grace, my doctors have come to the conclusion that no radiotherapy is required now. I thank the Lord for healing me.“ Winnie Law
  • “I have had unbearable pain in my lower back for the past ten years. I could not stand properly. I sought the Lord to cure me. My prayers have been answered. I no longer have this pain and there is no need for any operation now. I want to praise the Lord.“ Lim Eu Seng

JULY 2005

  • 'I want to praise the Lord for answering my prayers after attending The Healing Rooms. He has normalised my blood sugar level.' Nancy Koh
  • 'In April, I came to The Healing Rooms for prayers just prior to a major operation for endometriosis, which operation was carried out with complete success. I want to thank God for His grace and for healing me of body, soul and spirit.' L K Wong
  • 'I want to share how one's life can be changed within four months. Until we visited The Healing Rooms for prayer, my husband and I were not Christians. We were led to Christ at The Healing Rooms, when we came with our daughter, Winnie, for prayer concerning her fight with cancer. The Lord has been faithful and has healed our daughter of cancer - although slated for radiotherapy, her oncologist has pronounced that there is no longer any need for it. I want to thank and praise the Lord.' Molly Law


  • 'Our daughter, Colette, suffered from asthma when she was about two years old. As a result, she was also underweight and she was not growing in height.  Early last year, our cell group leader introduced us to a pediatrician, who also attended COOS, who suggested that whilst we pursued medical treatment for Colette, we should visit the Healing Rooms with Colette. We did and made two visits in all. We were encouraged to pray for her on our own as well - as parents, we were advised that we had the authority to bind (signs/symptoms), claim (healing of Jesus) and give thanks in faith. Within two months of our visit and constant prayer, we discovered that Colette didn't need her inhaler anymore, her wheezing had stopped. She started to put on weight and she also started to grow in height. She evens swims now. We give thanks to God for healing Colette.' (KC and Seok)
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