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Testimonies 2008
I would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to all of you for the wonderful service you are contributing to the Healing Rooms ministry. Through your service, my mum’s knee was healed of arthritis and my dad accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour on the very same day! Praise God!

On 22 April 2008, I came to the Healing Rooms to be prayed for. My neighbor and friend Mrs Tan has been encouraging me to come for healing. At about 4 pm, Brother Chen Yeu Chong prayed for me. When I cam in with my wheelchair, I could barely walk as I have weakness in both my right arm and right leg. I felt strongly that God touched me during the prayer time. The next thing, Brother Yeu Chong asked me to stand up to walk. At first I was hesitant, even then I stood up and I felt wobbly. With Brother Yeu Chong’s encouragement, I took my first step. The first few steps were difficult, as I have not been walking without any aid for the last two months. With more encouragement, I began to walk a few rounds in the healing room and then I walked out to the waiting area to testify to the people who are still waiting there. I want to give all the glory to God. I will continue to trust God to heal me completely of my brain cancer.

A year ago, my left kneecap was in great pain due to the wear and tear of tissues. Walking was difficult. After several sessions of prayer, the kneecap is no longer painful. Praise God!

About thirty years ago, I hurt my right foot while working in Indonesia. At that time, it did not seem too serious. About ten years ago, the foot began to hurt very badly. I went to Thailand for an operation but the relief was temporary. After about 3 months, the pain returned. For the last ten years I had to live with this pain. I started coming to Healing Rooms in January 2008. After several sessions of prayer, the pain has reduced and subsided very much. I thank and praise God for healing me.

After prayer, the twitching of my eyes and funny feeling in my eyes are all gone. I am healed! Praise and thank our mighty and healing God, I want to thank faithful servants of God – brother Thomas and a dear sister – for praying for me.

My big girl was diagnosed with alopecia – hair loss illness - in October 2007. According to the doctor, her chance of getting new hair grown back is rather slim because her alopecia condition belongs to the most stubborn group. Our world crashed each time each time we see her hair dropped. On her 8th birthday, she was almost bald. We brought her to Healing Rooms sometime in November 2007. With the prayer and healing touch of God, her new set of hair starts to grow. Praise the Lord for we know He has healed her and He’s still this work in her. He’s the One who has authority and power over everything. Amen!

A few years ago, I fractured my left foot. As a result of the fall, I had a hairline crack and pain. The foot did not heal properly. I came on 15 April 2008 for prayer. On that day I had a severe headache and there was pain in my left foot as well as painful corns on both feet. After prayer, the severe headache was gone. The pain on my foot also left me and the corns on my feet became less painful. When I prayed to release to the Lord the grief of losing my mother, the Lord healed me of insomnia and gave me beautiful sleep!

I started coming to Healing Rooms end of last year when we were in distress as my younger sister who was 36 years old was diagnosed with breast cancer. My friend had suggested I come to Healing Rooms. She loaned me the CD on “Healing in the Atonement”. I listened to it over a week or two. I am Roman Catholic, blessed with gift of tongues many years ago but not in charismatic movement of Catholic Church. I felt strong conviction that Holy Spirit wanted me to go to the Healing Rooms. When I went, I knew this was the place HS wanted me to be. After many sessions, interceding for sister and family and personal request for healing, I asked if they could pray for the adhesions in my womb caused by C-section surgery. These were causing me increasing pain each month such that the gynae said I might have to remove the womb if it got too unbearable. The praying ladies kindly assured me that it was an OK request and they would pray for me. Next month, to my surprise, there was no pain. Subsequently 2 more months passed and there was still no pain. I believe I have I have been healed from the adhesion pains. Thanks be to God! Both my sister and I have been healed of much emotional pain and distress arising from breast cancer diagnosis. Through the Healing Room ministry we have been encouraged and experiencing the love, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit, able to journey on this difficult time with joy and strength in the Lord. We do not know if my sister is completely cured of breast cancer. For now, the reading is good. We are deeply grateful for the help of community prayer, prayer support we received in the Healing Room ministry. We received deep joy, peace and love through this difficult time. I believe that the Healing Room is a blessing from God out of His abundant love for his people. Thanks be to God! 

As healing started, I felt that I got connected with Lord Christ. I vomited during healing as all evil was coming out of my body. Now I can see much clearer. I can move my hands and legs properly. I can stand for a longer. It feels good and nice. I feel happy now.

About one year and 8 months ago, I was involved in a car accident. In the accident, I injured my neck. A neck vertebra was torn and the nerves were affected. This caused constant pain. Every day, I have to take painkillers to control the pain. Today, when I was waiting to be prayed for, I felt nauseous and giddy. After prayer, I no longer felt giddy nor nauseous and the pain has reduced. I thank and praise the Lord Jesus Christ for healing me.

I just want to give glory to God for how much He cares for me. 
At this moment, the one thing I pray for when I come here is for my son to be healed. Instead, as I was waiting for Jeremy outside the room, He sent for me into the room and affirmed that He wanted to heal my backache. I had come after work and was feeling this ache in my back. However, this does not deter me from bringing Jeremy all the way for the opportunity to hear God speak to him. It is not as if we do not believe Living Sanctuary which also has its own Healing Rooms) cannot minister to Jeremy. However I feel that after the prompting from a sister from Living Sanctuary Healing Rooms that I should bring Jeremy to COOS. I found that tonight was the right opportunity and right timing to come especially when Jeremy himself agrees to come. I grabbed the opportunity no matter how tired I am or my back cries out in pain. I believe He has removed my backache!

I want to thank God who is truly our Healer and the One who loves my family so much. We have been through many tough times and I sense a new season in my life and also for my husband and Jeremy. Lastly, I want to thank COOS Healing Rooms for your dedication and love for His people.

When I came today, I had a severe pain in my head as if there was something which was pressing on my head. After prayer, the pain disappeared and I feel very relieved and relaxed. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for healing me.

Praise the Lord for healing me of depression, chemical imbalance and mood swings which was the diagnosis by a doctor in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Since 1992, I had a problem of burnout and came to the Lord for peace by attending Tanglin Fellowship in 1998. In 2008, compounded by massive staff resignations in the company at the end of 2007, I suffered greatly from depression, had suicidal thoughts and had wanted to give up hope. Thanks to the prayers of COOS Healing Rooms volunteers, I was healed in mid-June 2008. Once again, praise the Lord, God of Almighty.

My back was injured in a fall. There was a crack in the rib at my back. I was in pain. I came to Healing Rooms for prayer. The pain was gone. When I went for x-ray, it showed complete healing. However, my right shoulder was still in some pain and I could not lift my right arm or touch my back. After prayer today, I could do these actions. Praise the Lord.

Some years ago, soon after I accepted Christ, I decided to quit smoking and mahjong. I prayed to God for help, with God's grace and blessing I was able to stop smoking right away. It was a clean and fast experience. I also have never played mahjong since then.

Last year, a small tumour was found at my parathyroid gland. By faith, I attended a few healing services and the weekly healing ministry. My cell group members and my family prayed for me as well. With God's grace and blessing, the tumour has disappeared in the recent scan. I am so grateful and moved to share my experience. Our God is great and all-mighty. I will continue to serve Him and continue in prayer to maintain my healing. I will be faithful to believe that God will heal the remaining small blisters near my thyroid gland.

There was some pain on my right leg. I accepted the Lord and prayed the prayer of salvation. The Lord lengthened my right leg to align with the left leg and the pain went away. After they prayed for my eyes, my vision is much better.

I could not lift nor bring my right arm to my back. This has been so for the past seven to eight months. Immediately, after prayers, the pain is gone and I can lift my arm and bring it to my back. I did not reveal that I also have lower back problems but the Holy Spirit revealed this to those ministering to me. They prayed for my back and immediately I felt relief. Thank you Jesus for healing me. Amen!

Healing of adhesions in womb due to C-section surgery: I previously testified that I believed that I was healed of adhesions as the pain disappeared after being prayed over in the healing room of COOS. Months later, at a visit to my gynae, she remarked that the new scan of my womb reflected a marked difference from the previous scan done months ago, which has shown ugly scarrings of adhesions. In this new scan, the c-section lines were smooth like a different womb. She was puzzled. Definitely no adhesions in sight. I asked if adhesions could heal on their own. She said no. Can only get worse. So she was puzzled. I told her that I went for healing. She said that it can be considered a miracle “You can consider it a miracle” That’s what she said. Thanks be to God! Also grinding of teeth which aggravated TMJ disorder stopped as well after one session when healer cut off the grinding. My eldest son also stopped grinding teeth after healing session. Thanks be to God!

(Mrs Pang’s medical report states “Comparison is made with a previous study from 22 July 2008. The enhancing lesion in the right superior cerebellar hemisphere has decreased in size and enhances less avidly. This previously measured 2.3 x1.0 x1.6 cm and now measures 1.7 x0.9 x1.5 cm. Conclusion: Compared to July 2008, the enhancing tumour has decreased in size as well as the degree of enhancement. Surrounding edema has also reduced slightly.)
Thank you God for answering my prayers. The tumour in my brain has decreased in size. Thank you God and Praise the Lord!

I had a bad fall from the treadmill machine on Oct 23 and injured my right shoulder. After my x-ray at the clinic, the doctor called me on Saturday morning and sounded panicky. She asked if I was in severe pain and revealed to me that the radiologist said that there were some irregularities shown on the surface of the shoulder and suggested a MRI be done.

On Tuesday Oct 28 my GP referred me to a orthopaedic consultant at Gleneagles Medical Centre where a MRI was done. The results revealed that my rotator cuff/ shoulder tendon was torn and severely damaged. 
The consultant suggested that arthroscopic surgery was required. When I saw the video clip on the surgery, I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained out. In this form of surgery, the patient is placed under general anaesthesia and the surgery is performed using specialized arthroscopic equipment and 3 titanium screws were placed in the shoulder, which I could not accept at all. The surgery costs approx. S$13,000.

The consultant then asked me to think through my decision. When he later called me, I told him that I was not mentally prepared for the surgery and the cost is too high. I told him I believed God would heal me miraculously.

Then I shared this with my church friends and I was so determined to go to the Healing room at Church on November 4. God’s healing took place instantly. I could raise my right shoulder and it was swinging so fast when I was on my way home… Praise God! I claimed “I am healed” and sealed it in Jesus Name! Amen! Praise God! God proved His faithful love to me- He never left me nor forsook me during this trying period…He’s so great and good all the times… All Glory Be to our God!

I was then scheduled to see Professor Kumar at NUH for a 2nd opinion on November 5. Professor Kumar asked me to perform some movement with the right hand and elbow and asked me if I felt any pain. I said “Not at all.” He could not believe it. When I told him that “Jesus has healed me miraculously”, he gave me a smile and said it was amazing that I did not feel any pain where he pressed me very hard on the different part of the injured shoulder and that I could raise the right shoulder.

After this, he asked his assistant to arrange for an x-ray to be taken on my right shoulder. Professor Kumar was really surprised and amazed by the x-ray report as there was no fracture shown at all: he could not believe it was healed within such a short time. He and the trainee doctor in his room could not believe their own eyes - both of them kept going back and forth between the 2 reports to take a harder look as they thought their eyes might be playing some tricks on them. They then asked me “Are you sure that the “1st x-ray and MRI belongs to you name”, and I said “Yes, Jesus healed me miraculously”. Both of them gave me another smile. Professor Kumar repeatedly said that normally if there is a fracture & tear of the tendon, it is a very serious case and a surgery is required but for this instance, he could not give further explanation and comments. All Praise, Honor and Glory to Our God!
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