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Testimonies 2009

“It is the testimony of those who are healed that goes forth and prophesies to others what Jesus will do for them“. Cal Pierce

If you wish to share your testimony of God's healing power through prayer in The Healing Rooms, Singapore, you may do so either by sending us a fax to 64667633 or by email to

Sally Chan, Restoration of marriage, Feb 2009 
I have been married for more than 20 years. My relationship with my husband since the beginning was not good. He is an abusive man. I started visiting the Healing Rooms in Sept 08. One of my prayer request was to heal this relationship. Praise God, my husband is not more abusive. He does not hit me nor shout at me any more. He treats me much better now. Hallelujah!

Anna Ong, Healing of Eyes and Headaches, March 2009

For the past few days, I saw brown dots and half circles dancing in front of my left eye. After I received prayer, there were no more dots dancing in front of me. All praise and glory go to the Almighty God! I also asked to pray for the heaviness on my head as a few days ago, there was a headache. I now feel no more heaviness on my head. All praise and glory go to the Almighty God! I believe the eczema on my left hand will be completely healed. I give praise and thanks to our Almighty God.

Peggy, Healing of the retina, September 2009 
In July 2009 I was diagnosed with white patches and thinning of the retina. The followup test in Sept 2009 showed that my eye is cleared of the symptoms. I thank God for healing me. Praise God.


Sally Goh, No more incontinence, November 2009 
I had incontinence for quite a long time and was referred to the Urology Dept – SGH for the problem. I had to go through series of urine analysis examinations (from May to November 2009) and I was extremely concerned and depressed. I prayed to the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ to see me through my ultrasound of the kidneys/bladder examinations and to be discharged.
When I went for my recent appointment on 13/11/2009 for the results, I was told by the doctor that all the results were clear. I was discharged on the same day (13/11/2009).
I am overjoyed by the results for the Lord Jesus Christ has healed me. I thank Jesus for answering my prayers. I will continue to trust the Almighty Jesus Christ to bless me and my family.

Magdalene, Good news for the Liver, November 2009 
During a doctor’s examination, he found that my liver had shrunk and the enzyme level was low. He suspected a growth on the liver. After prayer at the Healing Rooms, I went for a scope an a scan. Results showed that the growth was benign, not cancerous. Praise God!
My granddaughter left home in year 2007. I went to the Healing Rooms several times to pray for her to return home. Praise God! She finally returned home in 2008.

I want to give glory to Jesus for healing me and bringing my granddaughter back.


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