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Testimonies 2010

Revelations 19: 10 says "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" When a testimony is given of what Jesus has done or is doing, it opens the way for the same miracle to happen again because it 'foretells' what can and will happen. We share this testimonies that others will rejoice at God's goodness but more, for those who are suffering, we encourage you to take hold of the promise that He heals. He is Jehovah Rapha, God the Almighty Healer 

Raymond Wee, Healing of Salivary Gland, January 2010
I have been blessed by the Lord when I visited the Healing Rooms Ministries in 2009. I had problems with my salivary glands since 2005. I had kept postponing the operation until now.
In March 2009 I was supposed to have my salivary gland operation at Gleneagles but I failed the medical tests. After a CT scan at TTSH, they found that there was nothing wrong with my lungs. I attribute this good news to the sessions I had at the Healing Rooms.
I was very happy for the divine treatments I had at the Healing Rooms and would like to continue to be thankful for God’s compassion and grace.

Sue Schulkins, GOD IS WONDERFUL!, February 2010 
I brought my daughter to the Healing Rooms with asthma and left and within a few hours she was completely healed! Amen.
I came to the Healing Rooms about my dog – It became so aggressive and I was so fearful that it would attack me and the children. I could not even walk around the house. As soon as I got home from the session, I sensed so much of the Lord’s power within me and my house that she became like a little kitten at the slightest command.
I have been coming regularly to the Healing Rooms now and the Lord is restoring my broken marriage piece by piece. Amen.

Agnes Yee, Healing of Kidney Stones and Cysts, April 2010 
With the power of healing, I had fully recovered from cysts and stones in my kidney and a second stage failure of kidneys. I was totally discharged and the doctor said that nothing is seen in the scan and my kidneys reduced in size. I am back to normal. Thank God for Your power and the prayer of the team from Healing Rooms.

Henry Pakianathan, Healed of Back Pain, April 2010 
Due to a fall, had a prolapsed of disc at the lower back. Surgery done but no improvement and underwent various treatment still severe pain at the lower back right side all the way down to the right foot. Was taking medication everyday to relieve pain.
Met Andrew at the car park. I shared with him regards my back pain and Andrew prayed without hesitation on the spot regardless of the surrounding.
PRAISE THE LORD. I am relieved from back pain and do not take medication. Thank you brother Andrew for the prayer. Praise to our Lord Jesus.

Tannapakar, Healed of Pain in Shoulder, April 2010 
God healed me of a pain in my shoulder. On my 1st visit, I was prayed for but no change. On my second visit on 13 April, I felt so happy as my problems were gone. I can lift my arm without any pain. Thank you Jesus for healing me.

Linda Law, Healing of Liver Cancer, June 2010 
I had liver cancer. On my 1st visit to the Healing Rooms, I saw stars in the cup and heard ‘singing’ tone when I took the Holy Communion. Thereafter, I went for my treatment. I was discharged from the hospital after 3 days. When I went back for CT scan review 6 months later, I was told that the cancer had disappeared. In fact the scan showed that new liver cells were growing. Praise the Lord for healing me. I visited the Healing Rooms 4 times.

K Saras, No trace of cancer, June 2010 
On 15 June I came to pray for my sister. Doctor suspected cancer in her blood. Her appointment was 16/6/2010. Praise the Lord there was no trace of cancer. Praise the Lord for His wonderful work.

Peggy Ki, Recovery from eye op, June 2010 
He has granted me speedy recovery for my left eye cataract operation
I am able to read, write and see without spectacles
The condition of both eyes have been restored

Wee Peck Choo, Peace and Joy instead of Sickness, June 2010 
I would like to thank the Lord Jesus for healing my sickness and also the privilege to know Him. He has given me peace and joy that I had never experienced before.
Before I came to know the Lord I was living in fear. I visited various places of worship to pray for health and work peace but to no avail. The more I visited the more sick I was. It became worse. I went to fortune teller in 2008 and after not long I had a bad fall and my health was affected. I went overseas to pray but my health got worse. I was admitted to hospital for vomitting, skin problems, urinary tract infection, diabetes and kidney problem. I feel better now after visiting the Healing Rooms. Praise the Lord.

Freda Ang, Back pain gone, July 2010 
A vision of “black bone” was given and said that someone in the room could have back pain. The whole team prayed and I felt a sensation over my back. The pain left supernaturally. Praise the Lord

Susan Schulkins, Healing of Eczema on Scalp, August 2010 
Few weeks ago I was prayed over an awful eczema on my scalp a condition that was troubling me for many years .
The condition left and now I can use any shampoo without a problem. My daughter was amazed.

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