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Testimonies 2011

Usha Ramachandra, Healing of Lump on Neck, January 2011
God healed the lump on my neck. For 5 months, in spite of numerous tests and medication, there was no change in the size of the lump. I sought prayer at the Healing Rooms and the lump shrank to half its size on the 9th month.
At the last appointment in Dec 2010 the lump shrank even further and the doctors discharged me as they considered the lump insignificant.

Milcah, Healing of Back Pains, January 2011
I had pains on my back bone since 2004 after a womb operation. I could not bend down to touch my feet. The Lord healed me of my back pain. Thank you Lord!

K. Saras, Healing of Back Pain, January 2011
God healed my back pain. Praise the Lord

Tan Wee Ngiap, Hearing Restored, March 2011
I could not hear in my left ear for 2 years but now can hear. I'm feeling much lighter and happy after acknowledging Jesus as Saviour. I thank and praise the Lord for healing me

Grace Connie Wee, Aches and Pains Gone, October 2011
I came to HRM to pray for headache, bloated stomach and pain in both my upper legs. After prayers, all my aches and pains are gone. 

Emeline Chua, Hearing Restored, October 2011 
I am joyful that my hearing has been restored! On 22 Sept 2011, I lost my hearing on my right ear. I came to HRM for prayers and after prayers; I could hear and repeat after the minister! I thank God for His healing. 

Sophie Joy S, No more Foot Pain, October 2011 
God is so good to me, He healed my left foot! 
I thank God for healing my left foot. 2 weeks ago, I came to HRM for prayers. I believe in the Power of prayers! The days after I realised that there was no more pain and I don’t even know when the pain has stopped!
Praise His holy name! 

Oryx, Mother Healed of Respiratory Infection, October 2011
My mother has been delivered from respiratory infection. 
Through His mercy, faith and prayers of HRM, the respiratory infection that was oppressing my mother is now gone! Praise God!

Sophie Shih, Healing from Cancer, September 2011 
All Glory be to God for the works of His mighty hands.
I am a breast cancer survivor in my 5th year of remission and I have been suffering from severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain since early part of 2011. During the prayer at HRM, I am healed of neck and shoulder aches and God gave me scriptures to claim His promises of healing and to meditate upon.

Over the next few days, God also delivered me from a lot of pent-up emotions of the past. The headaches subsided and I am able to sleep well. 

Although I still get nagging neck and shoulder pain, I am hanging on to God’s faithfulness for complete healing of my medical conditions. Glory and Praise to Jesus who my His stripes, I was Healed!

William & Shirley Lim, Salvation is from God, September 2011 
Praise the Lord. He is kind. He is merciful. Through the prayers at HRM, we saved a court case and the sum of money that was cheated by someone has been returned to us. We can now forgive the perpetrator and move on in life.

June Heng, Lump on my neck is completely gone! September 2011 
God has healed the lump on my right side of my neck after prayers at HRM.
I have peace and thank God for continued healing for my high blood count. 

Ariel Soh Hui Fang, Healing of Eczema, September 2011 
My friend brought me to HRM to pray for eczema on 16 Nov 2010. God revealed that I suffered rejections and hurt and filled with anger and unforgiveness. 
By September 2011, I am glad that I am almost 100% healed of eczema! I no longer rely on moisturisers and steroid creams. God healed me on the inside which manifested itself outside… 

Evelyn Tan Ay Yong, Spirit of Lethargy Lifted, August 2011 
The spirit of slumber and lethargy were lifted out of me!
I came to HRM with a feeling of sleepiness, heaviness and tiredness in my spirit. After prayer, I felt my spirit is lifted up and I feel refreshed. Praise the Lord and Glory to God!

Tan Lie Hung, Witness to Healing of Cancer, August 2011 
I came to HRM for prayers and was given the prayer cloth and anointing water from Lagos. I brought the prayer cloth to SGH to share God’s goodness with a female cancer patient from Indonesia. Praise the Lord, the female cancer patient was healed of cancer!
She accepted Christ as her saviour and forgave her husband. I prayed for healing and gave her the prayer cloth. She was healed and the 2 oncologists were taken by surprise. I told them that Christ healed her!

Veronica Tan, Right Hand Healed, August 2011 
God healed my painful right hand.
I had a pain on my right hand and the pain was creeping up to my right neck. At the HRM, while listening to the ministers outside the room, I realised that the pain had disappeared! When I entered the room, I felt no pain and was able to write this testimony. Thanks to Lord Jesus. 

Elby Chew Tick Hock, Pain in Wrist Gone!, August 2011 
All Glory to God! I had a painful left wrist and came to HRM for prayers. After praying, my left wrist became light and painless. 

Irene Shih, 100% God's Power, July 2011 
I am totally Healed of Breast Cancer! 100% God’s Power!
Thank God for His loving mercies … After prayers at HRM, I am healed of “3rd stage breast cancer. No chemotherapy, medication and no more cancer!Checked and certified by doctors. Thank God!

Joanne Kwan,Healing of Sight, July 2011 
My vision is much clearer than before. I used to need glasses for reading. I was also long-sighted and vision was unclear. After prayers at HRM, I am no longer long-sighted and I do not need glasses anymore! Praise the Lord!

Catherine Sellam, Fractured Elbow Healed, July 2011 
I thank and praise the Lord for healing me. I had a fracture in the elbow because of a fall. I experienced pain when I tried to straighten my hand. The doctor advised that if I do not respond well to physio-therapy within 2 months, I will have to go for an operation. I came to the HRM to be prayed for and now, my hand can now straightened and can touch my shoulder which I was unable to do previously.

Chiang Hock Hin, Burdens Lifted, June 2011 
I felt a relief of all my burdens and I was completely healed! After my first healing room session, I felt a relief and I was completely healed! I want to give thanks to God for His healing touch upon me. Hallelujah! Glory and honour to our Almighty God!

Wee Soo Guat, Carpal Tunnel Gone, June 2011 
Thank God for healing my right hand. It is a miracle.
I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and there was numbness in my fingers. After prayers, it is much better. Thank God for answering my prayer for healing.

Tamara Chinnarasa, Set Free From Witchcraft, May 2011 
I have been permanently set free from witchcraft, in Jesus Name!
I was subjected to witchcraft attacks for 8 years and was tormented day and night. I went to several places looking for a solution but no lasting solution was found.The HRM ministers prayed for me for 3 days and on the 24 May 2011, I was finally set free by the Lord Jesus. Thank you Jesus!

Lily Lim, Answered Prayer for Son, May 2011 
HRM prayed for Mdm Lim’s son used to be rude and disrespectful. He was prayed for by HRM ministers. Now he has improved and better with Mdm Lim. Thank God for the love of the counsellors.

Lydia Gopal, Cleansing of Home, May 2011 
The minister at HRM sensed that my house is not ‘clean’ and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal. A week later, something dropped from the kitchen cabinet. I took a ladder to climb up and check and to my amazement, I found a statue of a ‘monkey god wrapped in it.
I thank God for revealing it to me!

Matthias Chay Yue Kai, Lump on chest gone, March 2011 
Praise the Lord for His magnificent healing powers!
I had a small lump on my left breast last week. My wife prompted me to go to HRM for prayer. The night after prayers, the lump became much smaller and a day later, it disappeared!
I want to give all glory and thanks to our Lord!

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