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Testimonies 2012

Sarah Tan, Healing from Eczema, January 2012 
I had eczema (skin problem) and after prayers at Healing Rooms today, I was instantly healed. Praise God! He is the healer. Hallelujah.

Carmel, Back Pain Gonem January 2012 
For the past 3 months, I was suffering from back pain. I had difficulty with helping my son and doing housework. 
I came to Healing Rooms for prayers and on the next day, I found the pain on my back gone. I am totally healed! Praise God and all glory to Him. Amen.

Steven Tan, Healing from Eczema, February 2012 
I have been healed of Eczema on 7 February 2012! 
At Healing Rooms, I confessed my sins of bitterness and unforgiveness. 
When I asked God to forgive me and I repented of these sins. I was healed within minutes!

Freda Ang, Knee Pain Gone!, February 2012 
I was experiencing knee pain last few days whenever I squat down.
After I was prayed for at Healing Rooms, the pain was gone instantly! Glory to the Lord!

Yukee, Healing of Eczema, March 2012 
My eczema condition has improved! I came to Healing Rooms in December 2011 when I had severe eczema ‘patches’ on my hands, legs, check neck and face. These ‘patches’ were like open wounds, wet with pus. 
In less than 3 months after prayer, my eczema condition has improved and I no longer have those open wounds on my chest have closed! I thank God and HRM for their prayers and I am now much happier. Glory to the Lord!

Lana Tan, Cancer Cells Gone, April 2012 
I went to Healing Rooms for prayers as I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a biopsy.
During the prayer, I received words of healing. I went for a lumpectomy (instead of a mastectomy) and the operation went smoothly; the margins and lymph nodes were cleared. It was confirmed that all the cancer cells were removed during the biopsy. Praise God!
After the operation, the doctor requested that I go for 4 cycles of chemo therapy. Instead, I continued to receive and thank God for His healing. I have completed radiotherapy and am now back to work. I thank God for using the Healing Rooms team to speak to me and praying for me in my time of need.
Lana Tan 
12 April 2012

Jessie Sng, Eyes Healed, February 2012 
On 23 Feb 2012, God did His divine exchange for me; blessing me with His supernatural healing of my left eye which had very dense cataract for many years. He took care of every detail and delivered me from fear and anxiety. Even the Professor was amazed with the result as she did not expect me to be able to see so clearly. My distant eyesight is now perfect and it is like God has opened a new world before my eye! All glory and praise be to God. 

Yvonne Phee, God’s Grace for Her Mother, February 2012 
To God Be All Glory! My mother, 87 years old was warded for pneumonia 3 times and by the 3rd time, her body was resistant to all the antibiotics. The doctors stopped treatment and told us to prepare for the worse We contacted HRM to pray for my mother at the hospital. The minister prayed a short prayer for my mother and also assured my sister (who was illiterate) that God’s Holy Spirit will speak to our mother’s spirit. The HRM minister even told my sister that God will raise her right hand as an indication that she understood and received the blessings. Ten minutes later, they saw my mother’s right hand raised up in the air!

My mother was subsequently discharged and transferred to St Luke’s Hospital the doctors were unable to treat her further. However, my mother’s condition started to improve and was fully recovered in 6 weeks. Our Almighty God extended her life for 3 more years and she was called home with the Lord in May 2011. We thank God for His mercy and grace.

Magadalene Merry, Touched by a Testimony, May 2012 
A Testimony at HRM spoke to me and helped me make a choice!
A testimony on the wall caught my eyes when i came to Healing Rooms. Lana's condition was like mine. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after a biopsy and went for lumpectomy (instead of mastectomy). Her operation went well and she opted not to go for chemotherapy but only radiotherapy. I received and thanked God for His healing and i am now back at work! 

Teh Ah Thin, Knees Healed, June 2012 
I came with very painful knees especially the right knee. After prayer, the pain is gone and I can walk better now. 

Linda Ong, Answered Prayers, May 2012 
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. 
For He is faithful and true and answers my prayers. He blessed me with ;
i. success in the sale of my house at the price i prayed for. 
ii. approval for HDB loan (pending for over a year) for my son and 
iii. securing a big contract for my son's computer business 

Chee Fok Leng, Healed after Repentance, May 2012 
The pain left me instantly after my prayer of repentance. I suffered a relapse of a brain tumour condition which caused excruciating pain on the right side of my head. In an attempt to relieve the pain, i went for a series of treatment where electrical currents coursed through my body. 
Throughout the treatments, i felt uncomfortable and ill at ease. On 8 May 12, i decided to go to Healing Rooms to receive prayer for healing instead. The minister prayed and led me into repentance and pour anointing oil on my head. The pain left me instantly! All glory to God!

Chan Kwai Fong, Spine Healed, April 2012 
Thank God for His loving mercy, I am healed of my TB Spine! After my operation, i was sent to a normal ward instead of ICU. By God's grace, I was able to sit up on the 3rd day, walked on the 4th and discharged by the 6th day! Through Healing Rooms, God has healed my TB Spine and i can walk and sit. Thank you Lord and the ministers in HRM! I am happy and relieved now. 

Lyn Wee Hong Moey, Healed of Lung Cancer, April 2012 
Praise God I am healed of lung cancer! Six months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. My sister brought me to Healing Rooms for prayers and i also underwent 6 sessions of chemotherapy. Last week, the doctor told me that I am cleared of cancer after a PET scan.

Adele Lim Kwee Hong, Muscles Strengthened, May 2012 
I felt the sluggishness on my arms GONE in Jesus' name! I came with muscle weaknesses on my legs and arms due to a rare autoimmune condition termed, Myasthenia Gravis. Doctors could not find any medical issues but my limps were constantly fatigued. 
After i was ministered to, i could easily lift up my arms to praise God! It was light effort lifting them and i felt the sluggishness on my arms gone in Jesus' name. Praise God for healing me and by faith, i declare I am totally healed, restored in Jesus' name. I can now move my arms with great ease and i can't be more happy and grateful to God. I am blessed by the faith of the HRM ministers and praise God for them!

Chee Fok Leng, Tumor Halved in Size, June 2012 
The tumour in my brains has reduced by half the size. I want to praise and thank the Lord! The tumour in my brains has reduced by half the size. Prior to this, I visited the Healing Rooms for prayer. Then I went for treatment in which the doctor injected me with a drug to stop the growth of the tumour.But the tumour reduced instead of growing in size. Glory to God! The doctor said this has never happened before and he was amazed.

Gi Gi Tan, Mucus discharge Gone, June 2012 
Early this January, I experienced slight bloody mucus discharge each time after i I passed urine. I was a little worried as I thought my UTI Came back again after a year. I didn't want to see the doctor and decided to come for healing instead. I was given the anointing oil and prayed for on my lower abdomen. The bloody mucus stopped the next morning. Praise the Lord. Our God heals ... Jesus is great!

Cheryl Lee, Prayers for Mother Answered, June 2011 
I brought my mother a few times to pray for the healing of :
1. Thyroid gland - It has a tumour that was growing over a few years. The specialist recommended her to remove half the gland to check whether it was malignant. After praying, the tumour stopped growing and the doctors said she need not undergo the operation anymore. Praise the Lord!
2. Fused vertebra below the neck. She suffered pain for suffered years. After a few months of prayers, her pain disappeared. 
3. Yeast infection of all her toe nails. The infection would not go away for more than 6 months despite use of 2 anti-fungal creams recommended by the doctors. After prayers, the infection cleared up and her toe nails turned from black to light pink again!

Cheryl Png, Set Free from Drugs, June 2012 
Praise The Lord! I am now drug-free after 2 years & 3 months!
I was prescribed with a range of anti-psychotic medication since end January 10 to manage my anxieties and stresses after a 5-day hospital stay. Since my discharge, I was followed-up and monitored by a Clinical Psychiatrist and my parents to ensure that my condition is under-control. The side-effects of the different medicines that I took caused me more problems; lost of hair, tremors, muscle cramps, fluctuation in weight, sleeping long hours, skin allergies, constipation, etc... which led me to be more anxious and fearful.

On 26 April 2011, I came with my parents to Healing Rooms to seek prayers By then, I was already prescribed with the maximum dosage of medication and my condition has not stabilised.

Since then, I turned up at HRM for prayers weekly and i am taught to memorise the word of God (Phil 4:6,7) in overcoming my fears and anxieties. My family also started taking communion daily to claim healing through the body and blood of Jesus Christ ie. God's medicine! As i got better through prayer, we reduced the medication progressively from July 2011. By the end of May 2012, I am totally drug-free and well! I thank God for healing me through the prayers and support of HRM. God is my healer and protector, whom i can trust... God loves me!

CWY, Healed of Sleep Disorder, June 2012 
God has healed me of several problems including a severe sleep disorder; I used to wake up every hour. I would like to thank the Healing Rooms team for their ministry, encouragement and prayers. I also thank God for my friend Phua Whee Khoon who brought me to HRM. I will continue to trust God and walk closely with Him

Margaret Wee Ai Leng, Healing My Relationship, June 2012 
I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer end April 2012 and scheduled to start 6 cycles of chemo from 28 May 2012 at National Cancer Centre. My colleague told me about HRM and so I decided to come just before the commencement of my treatment. I felt the presence of God when waiting for my turn! I waited outside the room while the prayer counsellors were seeking God for words of knowledge and wisdom to minister to me. 
The ministers enquired about my relationship with my dad (deceased Dec 2010) and I shared about the strained relationship with him although he had been a doting father to me. 

I was led to confess my wrong attitude towards my late father and asked God for forgiveness. Then, I sensed a deep impression of reconciliation of my relationship with dad. Following on, they continued to pray for my sicknesses and I was deeply ministered.

Bernard Colins, Healing of my Back, July 2012 
I felt a huge burden lifted from my shoulders and very relaxed. I felt a warm feeling in my stomach, which was where the bacteria were. My back felt stronger after and I felt better. 

Elizabeth Doo, Thank You God for Healing Me Right Away, July 2012 
I hurt my knee lately and had to use a walking stick to help with the steps. Praise the Lord, today I am healed after prayers at the Healing Rooms! I can go down the stairs without any pain and I can even run up the stairs, thank you God!

Julie Ding, Thank you God for a Healthy Baby Girl, July 2012 
My very 1st visit to HRM on 18 Dec 2007 was to pray for a baby and also for a healthy body to conceive a baby. Exactly 2 years later on 10 Dec 2009, I gave birth to a health baby girl. My due date was supposed to be 18 Dec 2009 and I was 35 years old then! I thank God for all who prayed for me. I am now 3 months pregnant, expecting my 2nd child… All Glory to God! 

Ang Ee Tam, Set Free from Stiffness, July 2012 
Before prayer, I felt numbness all over my body especially at the shoulders and legs and stiffness on my joints and body. I couldn’t lift up my hands.
After prayer, I felt my body loosened up and less of the stiffness. I could lift up my both hand easily and work better. Thanks and praise God! 

Christine Ang, Healed in the Prayer Line, August 2012 
I had suspected neurona on my right thumb. During the Dan McCollum seminar, while waiting in line for impartation, I had a volunteer next to me prayed for me. Within the next few days, I was completely healed. Praise the Lord!

Clarence Tan, Spine Completely Restored, August 2012 
I have been totally healed and wonderfully restored!
I was hospitalised for 4 days for severe cervical disc prolapsed at C5-C6 of the neck. The disc compressed the nerve of the spinal cord leading to the pain on the neck & left shoulder. My neurologist recommended key-hole surgery of the neck without delay. 
I came to HRM for prayer on 24 July 12 and praise God, I have been totally healed and wonderfully restored! No more pain or muscle spasms and no need for surgery! Thank you God!

Fan Yin Yin, Tumor on Head Healed, September 2012 
I thank God for healing the tumour on my head! About one year ago (Aug 11), I discovered a tumour in the head. It was situated between the nerves of the right and left eyes.
I came to HRM for prayers in Feb 12. On 3 Sept 12, I did my second MRT scan and praise the Lord, the tumour is gone! The doctor had said that such tumours normally due to hormonal imbalance take a long time to heal.

Philip Soh, Pain in the Neck Gone, October 2012 
I want to give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus who is my healer. Previously I was unable to rotate my head around to the left and right as there is a constant pain behind my neck due to fear and trauma, which was a torment since I was younger. 

After prayers at HRM, I can now turn my body to the left and right easily. There is no more pain behind my neck and I can now turn my head to the left and to the right, up and down easily without any pain or difficulty at all. Amen! 

Tan Hwee Bong, Indeed by His stripes I am healed! ~ Isaiah 53:52, October 2012 
I am a cancer patient in remission and I have just completed 5 years of medication. Doctor said I need not be on any medication anymore. 
All thanks to Jesus for His mercies, compassion and His healing power. By His grace I am currently serving as a cell leader at my church. All glory and praise be to God, our heavenly Father.

Carmel, Son Healed, October 2012 
Praise the Lord that my son is touched and healed by Jesus.My eight year old son had irritations in the eyes and he refused to put on his glasses. He kept rubbing his eyes which caused discharge in his eyes.I was anxious and came in proxy (for my son) to HRM for prayers. The next day after prayers, my son started to wear glasses and stopped rubbing his eyes! 

Josephine Chow, God Broke the Spirit of Rebellion, October 2012 
Since young, I have always fought against obeying authorities. I am now 37 years old and for the first time since I came to know Christ, I begin to exhibit gentleness. 

The Lord reveals gentleness is not just a mannerism but a heart condition and willingness to respond. In the past whenever I am given instructions my first reaction is to oppose or to refuse. Praise the Lord for breaking the generational curses of rebellion that manifest in all my family members. I also want to give thanks to God for "cleansing" me of my past that had caused my facial skin breakout for over 20 years!

Stacey Voong, Legs Grew and Spine Restored, October 2012 
I was experiencing pain in my spine for more than a couple of months. I forgave the people who hurt me and the ministers put anointing oil over me. Then I was asked to sit on a chair and I discovered that one of my leg is longer than the other! I felt my leg 'grew' as the ministers prayed for me and I could balance better. Praise the Lord, my spine is restored! 

Rodora C. Saria, Healing of Back Pain, Hypertension and Diabetes, October 2012 
I came as I am and I was healed because I believe. I came to Healing Rooms as i was desperate, in need of prayers. I was healed of the excruciating pain on my back that I was experiencing for over 3 months! I was also healed of hypertension and diabetes. One time, I came to pray for my chest pain but God revealed to the ministers that i had to deal with unforgiveness concerning my marriage. All glory to God who gave us hope. Praise God!

Gemia Foo, No More Fear. The door is forever closed! October 2012 
Thank you God for helping me through the ministers at Healing Rooms. 
I used to be very fearful of crowds because of my past experience as someone close to me had offended me by touching me inappropriately. Through prayer and proclamations, Jesus set me free and I felt a big difference when I walk down the streets or when I am in a crowd. I no longer feel fearful! Thank you Jesus for protecting me and healing my heart as i forgave the offender and myself. I am loved and will always be loved by Papa God! 

Agnes Wong, Thank God for Healing My Right Ear, October 2012 
I had hard wax partially blocking my hearing and sometimes I felt uncomfortable. When I came for prayers at the Healing Rooms, the 'blocked' feeling disappeared completely. Praise The Lord!

Josephine G. Martinez, Healing My Back Pain, October 2012 
I injured my right shoulder and could not move my right arm towards my left shoulder. There was intense pain. After being prayed for by Healing Rooms the second time, the pain is completely gone and my hand can move normally!

Gail Chang, Knee Pain Gone, November 2012 
Praise the Lord for his healing. I have been struggling with painful knees for many years even though i am only 37!I requested for prayers for my knees but the Healing Rooms minister asked if I had a strained relationship with my parents. I confessed that I found it hard to forgive my father. I had recurrent episodes of depression especially right after my children's birth and felt guilty frequently. As i prayed, God gave me the word that "there can be no condemnation against me". 

I felt a great burden lifted from my shoulders when I received the word. They also prayed for my knees and I felt a tingling sensation. Praise the Lord for his healing. 

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