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Testimonies 2013

My trust and faith is on our Lord Jesus

I was diagnosed of medullary thyroid carcinoma in late Nov 12. It was a small thyroid nodule but the calcitonin level was high. I came to Healing Room for prayer and Dr Alan Chin prompted me to have it removed soonest. 
The operation went well. While waiting for the pathology report, I prayed unceasingly for God's wholesome healing. My trust and faith on our Lord Jesus rose as I walked this journey. I know Jesus is with me and He loves me, and He has a greater purpose for my life.
When the doctor announced that the carcinoma was confined to the thyroid and no malignancy seen in the 6 lymph nodes that were removed, I was overjoyed. What's more, the doctor said I do not need further treatment. 
I give all the glory to HIM. Father God promised, Father God delivered, Father God fought the battle, Father God healed me completely! I am thankful to my siblings and my HRM friends for covering me in prayers. 

January 2013

The stiffness in my spine and the pain in my neck left me!

I came to HRM with a lot of baggage which have done much harm to my physical being. My back hurt regularly and my spine was also hurting quite bad.

After I was prayed for, I felt much lighter and a joy filled me! Along with anger that had plagued me for a long time, the stiffness in my spine and the pain in my neck left me. Praise the Lord for He is good!

February 26, 2013

Thank God for Healing My Right Shoulder

My right shoulder was aching. After prayers, it is restored and the pain is gone. I can now raise my right arm effortlessly.

Chong Yan Shong

April 2, 2013

Praise God for His power and Glory

I want to thank God for directing me to HRM while I as suffering from eczema, a chronic cough and intense neck and shoulder pain.
Through the prayer, I was led through an invigorating session of repentance and healing while being reconciled to the Lord and my loved ones.
God in His loving and amazing ways, has warmed me to His words of truth and guidance. During the session, the pain on my neck and back was taken away.
Thank God for the HRM ministers for their patience and divine visions!

Clara Chow

April 2, 2013

The Pain in My Right Knee is gone!

I had a sharp ‘poking’ pain in my right knee. My right leg was slightly shorter than my left due to a knee operation.

After prayer at the Healing Rooms, the pain in my right knee is gone. Both my legs are of the same length and I can walk normally now.

Koh Siew Hong
April 2, 2013

I Can Now Walk Steadily Without the Wheelchair

I came to Healing Rooms in a wheelchair. I was able to walk but unsteadily and have no feelings on both my legs. After I was prayed for, I can walk steadily WITHOUT the wheelchair. To God Be the Glory!

Lian Gek In
May 7, 2013

I Thank God and Give Him Glory For My Mum

In the year 2010, my mum was diagnosed breast cancer 2nd stage and she underwent chemotherapy and radiation. She came to Healing Rooms for prayer and each time, she feels better.
Ng Yu Mui
May 7, 2013

I Want to Give Glory to God for Saving Me

God has delivered me from depression and the darkness. To me, He is really a forgiving God. He made me realised that loving others around me more than myself should be the first thought on my mind.

I used to be selfish, materialistic and vain. Material things mattered a lot to me. I came to realise that change is imminent and the way for me is through God.
God is my wonderful Father, my Lord and Saviour. 

Evangeline Teo 

May 7, 2013

Encounters with God in My Room!

I came to Healing Rooms for my joint swelling and pain over my dominant hand and foot. That night, as I drifted to sleep, I saw a white light in my room. The next day, I realised that I had a restful and peaceful sleep, which I have not had for a while. I was pain-free and had no swelling, despite having a heavy workload.
3 days later, I saw the same while light in my room again … I was able to fully flux my toes with no pain! The symptoms of my condition have since lessened.
This encounter with God has increased my understanding of Him and His Word. I now understand grace, redemption and salvation. Praise the Lord!

Freda Chua
May 21, 2013

God Has Healed Me of a Tumour in My Liver

The PET scan showed that I am cancer-free now. Glory and praise to the Lord. God has shown me His unfailing love and power.
We must put our faith in Him; not to be fearful and anxious. God answers my prayers His way and in His time.
My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Lord and those who stood by me in prayer.

Alexan Ng Boon Hwa
May 25, 2013

My Mum’s friend is totally set free from her trauma!

My mum’s church friend was sexually abused as a teenager. She had a bad marriage and later, divorced her gambler husband. She has received ministry from many channels for her traumatic experience but did not get a breakthrough. It was bad because she talks about it and gets affected every week when my mum sees her.

During a recent routine check, her gynaecology found that she has a cyst in her left ovary. She came to my house for prayer and I told her specifically to deal with her traumatic memories. I commanded the power and memories of the event to be nullified in Jesus’ name. Next, I used the keys of David to reverse time to deal with the past and bring healing/blessings. During the prayer, she found herself moving her arms up and down. I see it as the flapping of the wings of a bird set free by the Lord. (Psalm 124:7)
She went for her ultra-sound scan recently and the doctor reported that the cyst had shrunk and the size is now negligible! She believes that her cyst will completely disappear when she goes for her follow-up in 3 month’s time.
It has been a month since he received prayers. Now, she never talks about her past anymore when she meets my mum.

Magdalene Teo (counsellor)
On behalf of my mum’s friend
May 21, 2013

God’s Provision Never Ends and His mercy Is New Everyday

I give thanks to God for His goodness and kindness during a period of turmoil. Two years ago, I was living in sin, hurts, bitterness, clinical depression and I lost my job as a result.
Because I was on scholarship, I was made to pay back the liquidated damages of my scholarship. However, as at today, I have been delivered from depression, bitterness, hurts against people in my life, and most importantly, I am freed from spiritual bondages.
I was informed that the organisation has decided to waive my debt as I cried out to God for His mercy over the past one year. God has also led me into a new job which I find extremely fulfilling.
Lastly I want to thank the ministers in Healing Rooms for praying and walking through different issues with me for the past two years. Thank you.

Andrew Cai
25 June 2013

Thank you Lord for Healing
I was healed completely on 23 July of ringing in my left ear. Doctors and medical professionals said that it is impossible for tinnitus to be gone, but the Lord Jesus proved them wrong.

Liau Shu Juan
23 July 2013

I thank God for healing my son

I came to Healing Rooms to pray for my son, Anan who was suspected of lung cancer. God healed him after prayer. He was found to be clear of any cancer when he went back to the doctor the following week.

Santha Maria

6 August 2013

The Lord is my Healer!

I am healed and set free of ortho-Arthritis of my joints particularly my right hip joint and the right knee.
Even as stood for prayers, I could feel the pain especially in the right knee. As the healing room ministers prayed for me, I felt the awesome presence of God over me. I was slain in the spirit and ministered.
When I stood up, I knew my thigh hip joint had loosened with no pain. Then the healing in my right knee manifested and the pain disappeared.
Just to be sure, I executed 2 squats effortlessly. Praise Jesus! All glory to God.

Anna Png

3 September 2013

No more numbness!

On 6 Aug 2013, I was being prayed for a condition in which I experienced numbness on my left arm and left thumb. 2 weeks later, i received complete healing and till today I have not felt any numbness.

Keith Heng
10 September 2013

God is Jehovah Rapha

I want to thank God as He is Jehovah Rapha who had healed me of a precancerous condition of the uterus - as evidenced by the negative biopsy results in the last round of testing.
God has made it possible for me to fast as the medications are changed. Also, I thank God for His protection of the mind, body and soul throughout this period.

Moh Huan Loh
10 September 2013

Healed of Stage 4 Cancer of Colon

I was diagnosed with cancer of colon in August 2013. I was operated on the colon - colostomy stage 4 with secondaries to liver uterus and peritoneum. My lymph nodes were also affected. Doctors advised that I have only 6 months to live!
8 sessions of chemotherapy were scheduled for me. After 3 sessions of chemo, I came to Healing Rooms for prayer; once in Dec 12 and again in Jan 13.
I returned to the doctor in Jan 13 for review but he could not find any cancer! This healing was confirmed as there were no recurrences during each 3-monthly CT Scan. All glory to Jesus for complete healing!

Danita Go

19 Nov 13

Trusting in God, My Healer

I started having back pain in March 2013. It was so painful that I was not able to walk, sit or sleep! I was subsequently diagnosed with slipped disc. The doctor suggested an operation and physiotherapy.
I didn't want to go through any operation and opted for physiotherapy. After 4 sessions, the therapist advised that I should consider an operation. The pain on my back escalated and I was hospitalized again.
I thank God that I came to Healing Rooms for prayers and continue to trust God for my healing. In April, right leg became numb but my pain subsided. By end May, the numbness also left totally.

May Goh
19 Nov 13

God Has Healed Me Completely

I have been cured me from my bladder problems and incontinence for the past 14 years. This issue has gotten from bad to worse; having to wake up 5 to 6 times every night.
I came to Healing Rooms for prayers and encouragement by the HR team of intercessors and ministers through God's word. I am healed completely!
Praise God for His mercy and grace!

Jessica Lee
December 10, 2013

Jesus in Me, The Hope of Glory!

For the first time, my doctor said that my neck spasm is almost healed and i no longer need to return for Botox injection anymore!
My thoughts of suicide is gone. I have also forgiven my mum and my past issues. I felt so light after the healing of all my issues and i believe that this is because Jesus is in me.

Shaun Tham
December 10, 2013

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