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Testimonies 2014
Thank You Jesus For Healing My Body

I came to Healing Rooms for prayers. After the 1st session:
Rashes from my head to toes is gone!
No more strain on my eyes
Diabetes from 7.5/6.8 to 5.8 (perfect!)
Blood pressure from 148/152 to 123

Wang Thian Soo
30 December 2014

Praise report

I just want to thank all those who prayed for my brother Gary to find a suitable job. He was left jobless a year ago and he is 58 years old and had health problems and struggled with depression. He was so worried about his dire financial situation, and is a very, very new believer. He had been struggling with tremendous fear that he would not be able to find work, but i told him that God could provide just the right job for him that would not only last, pay well and even provide health and dental benefits. He really didn't think it would happen. Well, he got his job on Monday, and not only does it provide benefits, but he will be getting a raise in 3 months! He is very happy! Thank you so much for having joined me in prayer!

Karen Turner
2 Sept 2014

I Left Room 2005 Without My Wheelchair!

I fell and hurt my right hip and tail bone on July 25th. X-Ray showed hair-line cracks in two fractured areas. I was in pain since the fall and could not stand for long or walk. I had to use a wheelchair to move around in the house as well as when I have to go out.
I came to HRM for prayer today and after prayer, I walked without much effort! I left Room 2005 without my wheelchair. Praise the Lord for healing me and all Glory be to Him!
Wong Chee Chan
August 5, 2014

God Answered Our Prayers

The last time we came to pray for my daughter, Mindy to be transferred to her twin sister's school. God answered our prayers by placing them both to another school, which is 15 mins walking distance from our house.
Glory be to God!
Shirley Long
July 29, 2014

I am delivered from smoking. Praise The Lord!

I have been smoking for 30-40years. He delivers me from smoking. I do not feel like smoking anymore. Praise The Lord!

In 2005, I had a stroke and I cannot lift my right hand with numbness. Praise The Lord! The numbness is gone and i can lift up m hand!
Lee Kee Chai
July 22, 2014

Praise, Glory and Honour to Our Wonderful Lord Jesus

I came to HRM on 8 July 2014. Before we prayed, I was led to forgive those who have hurt me. As I named and forgive the people who had hurt me in the past and released them at the foot of the cross, my tear ducts were cleared and I cried!
Previously I had dry eyes but not anymore! I thank my Lord Jesus, the greatest physician for hearing and answering our prayers. I believe that I am healed from other ailments too. Praise, Glory, Honour and thanksgiving to our wonderful Lord Jesus always. Amen.

Lily Lau
July 8, 2014

I am So Blessed To be at Healing Rooms

I came to pray for my daughter and my son. After prayers, my daughter stopped clubbing and my son returns home after he goes out with his friends unlike previously, he would stay over at his friend's home.
I am touched by the patient ministers who counselled me and prayed for me, giving me sound advice on how to handle my children.

Sophia Seah
June 24, 2014

I Trust The Lord For Complete Healing

Before coming to Healing Rooms Ministry, I experienced chest pain, and sometimes difficulty breathing. When I went for angiogram, the tests reveal that my arteries were significantly clogged. Surgery will be complicated because I had a stroke a few years ago and my artery at the neck vein was also clogged up.
In April 2014, my son brought me to Healing Rooms. when the minister prayed for me, I experienced a lot of peace and was touched by the Lord. Since then, i have attended more HR sessions and have been blessed by the prayers.

I have accepted Christ on 19 April 2014 and I thank God and trust Him for the complete healing of my condition.

Song Poh Hock
June 17, 2014

Thank you Lord for Showing How Great Is Your love

I came to Healing Rooms with a tongue wound that had trouble healing. The wound had a thick yellow coating around it. The Healing room team prayed for me and on the next day, the thick yellow coating disappeared! Thank you Lord for healing me and how great your love is.

S.Y. Quek
June 02, 2014

God healed me!

I had a growth in the eye with pus. Last week, I came to Healing Rooms for prayers. Two days after, I was healed as there are no more pain and pus. Praise God!
Shirley Long
May 5, 2014

I woke up with a renewed body; no longer struggling to get up and no more pain in my body! To God be the glory!


For many years, I suffer from pains all over my body; my shoulders, lower back, knees and heels. I struggle out of bed every morning and 

every step was heavy and painful.

I wore back support, knee support and use soft heel pads and was prescribed Voltaren to help manage my pains and inflammation. I was also 

consulting with a Physiotherapist, went for massages and even bought an OSIM chair to help relieve the pain. Sometimes, I felt that the pain 

will only disappear when God takes me home.

I came to know about Healing Rooms from my friend, Colin. Even before I stepped into Healing Rooms, I was given a prophecy that "there 

were gold pins embedded in my body that caused a lot of pain. 


While waiting to be called for prayers, a counsellor told me that there was unforgiveness in my heart. She advised me to forgive the person 

who had stolen my gold and silver bars! I knew it was God speaking through them. 


When I met the minister, he anointed me with oil and water. My body and hands started to contort and a spirit within me identified itself as 

lucifer. I was shocked as I have been a Christian for many years and don't expect to host an unclean spirit in my body...


The minister then commanded the spirits of covetousness, greed and self-righteousness to leave me. Immediately, I  felt the spirit of lucifer left 

me and all the pain was gone too!


I was in awe ... I used to think that only doctors could cure but this only took under 10 minutes and besides, Jesus Christ's healing is Free! 

I removed my shoe pads and walked freely out of the room. The heavy load had been lifted from my body!  I slept well and woke up next 

morning with a renewed body; no longer struggling to get up and no more pain in my body! Thank you Jesus and all glory to God!


Victoria Tham

May 2014 

Thanks be to God

In 2012, I did a biopsy as my right breast was bleeding and discharging pus. My doctor suggested an operation but i didn't want any operation.
I went back to NUH for review and test in Jan 2014 and my doctor found that ALL abnormalities had disappeared. Praise the Lord!

Tjia Ng Khim
Jan 2014

I Thank God for My Son

I want to thank God for seeing my son through his PSLE and made it to Secondary School. I was struggling with marital problems during his examination period and he was very affected. God is gracious and carried him through that season. I give God all the glory!

Linda Soh
January 14, 2014

God is Gracious and Merciful

When i was 17 years old, I fell into sin and had been in bondage. In Oct 2013, I committed a sin that can destroy my life and I was both worried and fearful about my health.
I came to Healing Rooms for help and repented of my sins. I believe that God had forgiven me and by His strips, I am healed! Indeed, 3 months later, my medical examination indicated "negative" and I was not required to do any further test. All glory to God ... I will continue to trust in Him with my future!

Samuel Eucharis Alan Choo
January 28, 2014

Jesus Is The Healer

My father Robert came for the "Open Heavens Healing Rally" on Friday night, 21 February 2014. My father was hard of hearing in his right ear. After ministry, his right ear could hear again! Also, his breathlessness went away. Jesus is His Healer. To God be the glory!

Timothy Teo
February 25, 2014

God Reveals My Condition Through HRM

On 16 September 2009, I had pain on the right side of my abdomen. I went to SGH and had to do several tests and a CT scan.

I went to Healing Rooms for ministry while waiting for the results of the CT scan. The Healing Room minister saw 2 growths in my liver; one large and a smaller one, which was also bleeding. He even pointed out the position of these growths and sensed that God said "It was ok!"

A month later when I return to SGH for my scan results, the specialist informed me that my liver has 2 growths; one larger and the other was smaller and showed the position of the growths. He also said that one was bleeding but that was ok!

I told the doctor that I knew and he asked if i seek a second opinion.
I said that Jesus Christ had revealed through a minister from Healing Rooms. I gave him a Healing Room calling card and told him to visit if he ever needed.

A few months later, the same HR minister told me that there was a "present" from heaven for me. He prayed for my liver and I passed out blood in my urine 45 mins later.

Subsequent visits to the doctor confirmed that i was well and no longer needed to return for review! All praise to God...

Angela Kek
21 February 2014


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