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Testimonies 2015
God Healed My Cornea Ulcers

I was diagnosed with cornea ulcers and was treated with steroids and antibiotic eye drops for over 6 weeks with no results. I stopped all medications and came to Healing Rooms for prayer.

Thank God that He healed my ulcers. Praise God!
Florence Lim
30 January 2015

I Am Cancer Free!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2014. I prayed and asked the Lord to shorten the sessions when the doctor told me that I have to go through 16 sessions of chemotherapy as I was fearful.
During the chemo sessions I sensed the presence of God and felt the peace and comfort from the Lord. My sessions were reduced from 16 to 12. Praise be to God! I underwent an operation after chemotherapy to remove the remaining cancer cells. My doctor announced that I am cancer free after the surgery!

Thank you God for healing me and for all the prayer support given during my illness.
10 February 2015

Bladder Completely Healed

My bladder was affect due to inhaling poisonous gas during the Japanese Occupation. After prayers, my doctor certified that I have recovered and my bladder has been restored to function normally. Praise God!

Chan Yoon Meng
7 April 2015

Came Out Of Coma

On Sunday, May 10 2015, my wife and I were awakened early in the morning by our daughter. She was in shock, frightened, she said that my son-in-law's brother, Jeng Yong , who lives in North Carolina, had a massive heart attack while having dinner with his wife and friends.
He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. He had 2 complete blockages to his arteries leading to his heart and because of the attack, he had no supply of oxygen to his brain for a period of time. We know that if there is no supply of oxygen after 6 minutes or less there is a certainty of brain damage. He was in a coma on arrival to the hospital.The doctors said he needed a by-pass surgery when he is more stable.I wrote to the Healing Rooms and asked for prayers for healing, that God will heal him and restore his brain of any damage caused by the lack of oxygen.
On Tuesday 12May 2015, during worship in the Healing Rooms, I thanked all who prayed for Jeng Yong and above all I thank God for His mercies. I requested those who were present to support in unity of Spirit and in agreement as I declared and decreed,"In the Mighty Name of JESUS, I call forth life to Jeng Yong to come out of his coma!"
God heard our cry of unity and granted mercy to Jeng Yong.
I received a vision of Jeng Yong standing up and smiling at me, though I was in Singapore
On Wednesday 13 May 2015, I received a message from my daughter that Jeng Yong woke up from coma, the nurses removed the tubes and he started talking to his wife and children. He could remember everything that had happened.
Quote: Michelle, Jeng Yong's wife: "the doctors present said there was no reason for Jeng Yong to be still alive."
Praise The Lord ! He is our awesome God! Thank You Lord for loving us!
This week I have received some appreciation notes from my daughter. As she is amazed by what has happened there.She wrote :-"Dad, I'm amazed and overwhelmed ...from the part of Jeng Yong's heart stopping on Sunday to now, a renewal of life.
Dad, Jeng Yong is walking the block.
Dad, I agree, God is also using these to renew our walk with Him."
To God be the glory!

Albert Soo
May 2015

Healed of fractures pinky toe

My friend brought me to Healing Room Ministry on May 19. At that time, I injured myself and had fractured my left pinky toe. It was still swollen and I can only wear flip-flop. My prayer requests were -
1 .I am able to wear track shoes for walking during my Scandinavian tour
2. I am able to complete my 2 weeks journey and be a testimony to my fellow tour-mates that are none Christians.
After the prayers, I set-off for my journey the day after next. I was able to wear covered shoes and didn't feel any pain at all on my pinky toe during my 2-weeks Scandinavian Tour, despite having to walk 20 thousand steps almost everyday. Praise the Lord! I was also able to shared with my tour-mates God's healing and His faithfulness.
I am really grateful for your prayers and thank you so much for your ministry!
In Christ,

Estee Loh
May 2015

Hands numb

On 25th Nov 2015, while walking out for lunch, I felt a sudden electric sensation through my left arm. It felt weird. Didn't have such a feeling before. When I touched my arm, it felt a little numb and strange . But soon along the day , I was busy with work and didn't pay attention to the strange feeling . The next morning, when I Woke up, I felt something wasn't right . my left and right hand were different. my left hand was numb and didn't have much feeling . I tried pinching myself, but couldn't really feel the pain. I was scared . I quickly consulted my dad and saw a doctor that day. When the doctor examined Me, it was obvious that the pain numbness was from my palm all the way to my upper arm area. it was frightening, especially for a young lady. The doctor said it is very strange and rare. if it continues, i would need to be referred to a specialist . As the week went by the pain and numbness didn't got any better. I could feel weaknesses in my hand and arm. even holding a spoon to drink my soup was a chore to me. everything felt very heavy . I was very afraid . I decided to follow my dad to the healing room the following Tuesday and was prayed for . I had faith that God will heal Me in jesus name ! Slowly, I got better.. I know jesus has healed Me. It has been almost a month and I feel no more numbness. All glory to God!

Kayee Funh
November 2015

No More Brace After Prayers

My leg has been in a brace for 4 weeks and the doctors recommended that I keep using the brace for a further 6 weeks.
My knee felt stiff and movement was painful. I came for prayers and received healing. I left walking out of the door without using my brace! Praise God!

17 Nov 2015
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