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Testimonies 2016 - 2017
Erin Yuen
A testimony for God’s divine healings upon my daughter, Claire.
My girl was admitted to hospital for bleeding in her intestines in April this year.
She went through several tests arranged by the hospital but still no conclusive findings as to where the bleeding was from. A Singapore Healing Rooms minister & his wife visited us one day at the hospital and prayed for my girl and all Glory Be To God, the bleeding miraculously stopped the very next day!
Though till today the Doctors still can’t find the causes but I believe it’s God’s divine healing upon my girl and I just want to thank God for His intervention.

All Glory Be To God


Jitheesh Radhamomy
I was jobless for more than a year. I started coming for prayers a few months back and I am blessed with a good job and salary.
I was having shoulder pain and my wife had eye strain as well. By God's grace we saw a lot of relief. Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you Healing Rooms who prayed with me through the tough phase of my life.


Jessica Teo
God healed my left ear blockage.
I lost my hearing in the right ear. Doctor said that it was due to flu virus. After many visits to the doctor and Chinese Physician, both told me to live with the condition.
My left ear was getting blocked and my hearing was much reduced. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. A DVD was given to me, to watch and build my faith in God. I watched the first DVD and while singing along with the worship song, I heard a 'pop' in my left ear. I claimed my healing and now the hearing in my left ear remains clear. My right ear is still not functioning well and I am praying that it will be healed too.
Glory to God!


Samuel Tan
On his way home after tuition, on May 4th, Samuel was accosted by a man. He came down with a fever that night. A voice kept telling him to sleep. He was not able to study from then and even fell asleep during his tuition sessions. He could not take his exams. He saw unclean spirits in the playground.
On May 8th, Samuel visited the Healing Rooms for prayer and 2 more times after that. He is now completely healed.
Praise the Lord!

Submitted by father of Samuel Tan on 31/5/2016.

Eleanora Gwee
I had chest tightness for three months or so. I came for prayer and was led to forgive my parents and also learned to be more u der standing and patient especially with my loved ones. I felt better and no more chest tightness.


Eric Fung

I am Eric Fung, I used to visit Healing Rm to stand in proxy of my wife (Alice, who had stroke) for prayers.

On 27.2.2016 late afternoon I accidentally ploughed my fingers into Alice right eye. She suffered 2 cuts from my finger nails. One cut in conjunctiva and another at cornea. Her eyes turned red and kept tearing.

I felt very guilty and quickly messaged HR volunteers for prayers. About 2 hours later, her eye redness subsided but tearing continues. That night, I stayed by Alice's side to worship God for His mercy to remove the pain from Alice. As Alice had similar injury before and she had told me that was very painful.

I had a peaceful evening after putting all my trust in Lord.

The next morning, Alice right eye was normal, without redness nor abnormal tearing. On close inspection, I found the 2 cuts in her eye, from last night, had totally gone.

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!! I know this is a miracle, as a similar injury on Alice's eye, happened years ago, took about a week for the cornea to heal. For this round, Alice was healed overnight.

Thank you Jesus. I want to testify to glorify Abba Father and our Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Feb 2016

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