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Testimonies 2018
I had pain on my right knee and backache since 2007, after mastectomy. My right leg was shorter than my left leg. I walked with a limp. My right leg is bent when I lie down to rest. After prayer at the Healing Rooms on 26 Dec 2017, I felt a release of tension in my spine. I can now walk without the support of an umbrella and without limping. My back pain and tension are gone. When I lie down, I can straighten my leg and both of legs are now of equal length. I want to thank and praise God for healing. Glory to God!

Irene Ong Siew Har

About 3 weeks ago, my husband woke up with severe pain in his right arm. He was perspiring profusely. I quickly wet the ‘anointed’ small towel (prayed over by the Healing Rooms team), asked God for His anointing to flow as I wiped him down from the head to his arm that was hurting. His arm was cold and hand was turning blue. We went to the GP and was advised to see a hand specialist as no pulse was felt in his wrist. The orthopedic, too, could not locate a pulse and said he should see a vascular surgeon because there could be a block that restricted the blood flow. So, we went to the vascular surgeon. He has a gadget that amplify the sound of the pulse and blood flow but no pulse was present. He then sent us to do ultra sound and CT Scan to determine the location of the blockage. In preparation for possible operation, we went to see my husband’s regular cardiologist. He confirmed the absence of pulse and advised speedy intervention as the blockage has restricted blood flow as evidenced from the ‘blue’ colour of the hand. Any delay would cause him to lose the use of his arm. While waiting for the scan, I had activated a few prayer partners to pray as well. Meanwhile, I have decided that we would do the ultra sound first and if it confirms the blockage than the CT Scan. While waiting, I continued praying silently and stroking his arm. It was then I released warm is returning to the arm. His hand was less ‘blue’, in fact pinkish. The ultrasound confirmed blood flow has resumed to over 60 percent. The vascular surgeon said there was a thrombosis, artery was blocked, but not sure what happened. Praise the Lord!! I know what happened. God removed the blockage! At the end, the surgeon prescribed anticoagulant for a week as a precaution. Praise the Lord!!

Christine Ang
10 Jan 2018

Healing Rooms volunteers have prayed for me when I had bipolar, depression and anxiety attacks. After two weeks of coming the the Healing Rooms, I felt much better and is recovered from all these conditions. I want to thank God for His love. I hope everyone who comes to the HRMs will receive God’s love.

Tiers Marie

For 20 years rheumatoid arthritis had brought severe pain & swelling to numerous joints, kidney, eyes, ear.
On 6 March 8pm I went for Healing Rooms for prayer. The counsellors broke curses and asked me to take communion.
Since that night I have experienced less and less pain & swelling in my body. Truly, I believe that God wants to heal me because He gave me 2 signs of His love and salvation 20 yrs ago when I was diagnosed.
Praise Jesus for taking away my sins and infirmities on His body at the Cross."
Elaine Teoh
19 March 2018

I had a partial shoulder tendon tear and frozen shoulder plus nerve pinched at the hip are which caused a lot of pain. After prayer at the Healing Rooms I was able to rotate my arm a lot more and move my legs up and down, a 80 percent improvement. I am going to believe God for 100 percent healing!
Thank God for His faithful servants who prayed for me and God for His grace, mercy and healing.


I would like to share that I Iost my job this Feb due to a mistake I made. I was not even able to pack my things before I leave. I was practically being chased out from office.
This incident caused a great fear in me. I totally lost confidence of myself. I kept dwelling on my mistake, felt depressed and dare not look for another job.
I went to Healing Rooms for prayer, the team that prayed for me told me they sensed " a lot of fear " in me.
This is totally correct. I shared my problems with them, they prayed for me for deliverance. Minister to me in my area of fear, prayed for me to have new opening. The specific words from one brother was, " God, show her a clear open door, and closed other doors that are not for her."
I continued going back to Healing Rooms for more prayers in subsequent weeks. Everytime I went, I would receive accurate word of knowledge pertaining to my situation. Some of the words released were encouraging to me, telling me the mistake I made did not made me a failure.
God has His purpose to allow such things to happen, because He has better plan for me.
By March 2018, I recovered and was strengthened and started looking for job. I managed to find a job on 5 April, and the work place is near my house, I can just walk there. Praise God for His provision.

Abigail See
13 May 2018

I had tightness and pain in my stomach and abdomen area and was unable to stand upright. After prayer, I felt a release. Thank you Lord.

Alice Quek
15 May 2018

I want to thank God for leading me to the Healing Rooms and got connected to the right volunteers, who prayed for me with such love and compassion like spiritual mothers. They released blessings over my marriage, self-image and relationship with my daughter. Through their guidance and words inspired by the Holy Spirit, fears and condemnation were cast out. Lies were exposed and deception lost its grip on me, such that I am able to receive God’s word and allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen me and my marriage. Boldness came into me and whenever the devil tried to intimidate me I would reject him in Jesus’ name and by the blood of Jesus, instead of cowering in fear over unseen forces. Through the ministry of inner healing, my resentment towards my mother-in-law was also removed. The fear of lack was also broken and God is truly my provider in every area of my life.
Thank you for the Cross!!


All I wanted was to help my Brother (Desmond). Thinking that he needs to go through deliverance. Thank God, not only my Brother felt a sense of break free in his life & he said he doesn’t get angry easily.
Unexpectedly, just to accompany him for the healing room session, God actually reveal my deep & hidden struggles, which I thought I have already dealt with and lifted it up to God many years ago. I realized that I have this “self-blame” that tormented me. I was really shocked at how I screamed and manifested. However, through the sessions with the team in Healing Rooms, I had my healing & deliverance! I felt liberated, free and loved by God.
Most importantly after the 2 sessions, there’s reconciliation between my Brother and I. When I’m with him I don’t feel hatred and irritated anymore. In fact, we had a meal yesterday after healing room and for the first time I didn’t rush through the meal (used to quickly finish eating so as not to spend too much time alone with him). For the first time, Desmond shared about his work with me and it was an enjoyable meal!
All Praise & Glory to Jesus!

Desmond & Emily
17 July 2018

I was diagnosed with advanced stage of ovarian cancer in January 2018. I started chemotherapy which made me sick. I started visiting the Healing Rooms regularly since April 2018. I had a 10 hour long surgery without any complications and a smooth recovery. I had chemotherapy after surgery and the side effects had gotten better. I had a PET scan done on 10th July 2018. I am all clear of cancer in the name of Jesus. All glory to the Lord Jesus and our Almighty Father. As a gynaecologist myself, I know my healing of cancer is beyond medicine and it was the Lord Jesus, my Saviour and Redeemer who healed me! Thank you Lord Jesus!

Dr Renuke Devi

This afternoon I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer because my right shoulder/arm was injured and painful. After prayers, I was able to lift up my arm without pain.
Thank you Jesus.

Elizabeth Doo
24 July 2018

After I left school, I backslid. No church, no Bible Study, no praying, I was carefree and happy, so I thought. I got involved in temple activities to help my cousin who was possessed. The spirits subsequently resided in me. My father’s sudden death affected me badly too. I was angry with God for taking him away. For the longest time, I lived in fear - fear of the dark, afraid to get home after midnight in case I encounter spirits, fear of getting out of my room in the middle of the night, fear of sleeping because of nightmares and in case I die in my sleep. I developed ‘panda eyes’. I was miserable but put on a happy front. One day, I was led to connect up with my Girls’ Brigade friends. The reunion took me back to God and church. Trouble soon started. The spirits in me made it difficult for me to walk into church. I could not worship. I was temperamental, frustrated and paranoid. I was hearing loud noises in my ears. I would be distracted by things not of God. Seeing my struggles, my friend took me for ministry in church. I ended up going to the Healing Rooms for prayer. Attacks from the spirits were furious. Friends had to hold me down for fear of injuring myself. We had many sessions of deliverance.
I am now FREE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! Deut 31:6 God said, Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them. For the Lord your God goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Susan Kng
2 Oct 2018

2 weeks ago, I came to the Healingrooms for prayer. I had great pain in my heart and shoulder. After prayer, all the pain on my heart and shoulder were completely gone. Jesus is my healer and provider at all times. God loves me and will always be there for me. We cannot live without this Great and Almighty King. Praise the Lord!

Joyce Kwok
16 Oct 2018

I broke my middle finger 2 months ago. The doctor said it would take 4 months for my bone to heal because I am a senior citizen. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer. But praise God, within 2 months, my finger bone is healed. Thanks be to God!

Ann Yeo
16 Oct 2018

For 14 years I had problem selling a house I shared with my Mom. Our relationship was getting strained too. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayers on 29 August, 2018. I was led to pray for my Mom and forgive her. God answered my prayers. On 2 Sept, Sunday, after Holy Communion, I went to visit my Mom. She agreed to sell the house!! We have also reconciled! I thank God for His grace and love.
Today, Sept 4, I came for prayer over my insecurity which I had been battling since young...I often felt ugly, unloved and inadequate. I was given a vision by the prayer team - ‘a sunflower and a word, beautiful are you’ - this is who I am in the eyes of my wonderful Saviour!

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